The kitchen is considered the heart of the home

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and thus kitchen tends to be the room that receives the most attention when it comes to renovations. Renovating this space requires perfect planning to achieve an excellent return on investment. So why wait any longer to get started?

Here are some basic tips to start a kitchen renovation: 


Drawing a proper plan/layout for the kitchen renovation is a must. Now, what is a proper plan? A proper kitchen layout completely depends on the necessity of its users but you need to follow the basic “golden triangle” for better functionality. A golden triangle is nothing but a theory that says the positioning of the sink, stove, and refrigerator should form a triangle.


The kitchen is a space you need maximum storage so do it skillfully. Keep your storage for bigger utensils like saucepans, heavy containers in under-counter drawers, and small items like bowls, glasses, cups, food containers in the upper storage. Also, keep the frequently used items such as spices, snacks, cutleries near the stove for easy access during cooking. Create separate storage for the pantry. While placing microwave, Grinder, coffee maker, and other gadgets consider the dimensions and use. Try to keep your counter space as free as possible for preparation and a clean look. Consider using hooks, dish racks, drainage trays various storage solutions, and organizers to keep your kitchen hassle-free.

3.Kitchen Counter

Selecting the material for the kitchen counter can be confusing nowadays as a variety of materials out there. But it’s better to study different materials such as granite, quartz, Corian, wooden slabs, etc., and their pros and cons before visiting the market.

4.Cabinet Finishes

There are a lot of options available in the market for cabinet finishes but try to select easy to clean, suttle finishes for your kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind the durability of the product and your lifestyle, don’t just go for the look.


Always use good-quality stainless steel baskets, hinges, channels, and other finishing hardware for your kitchen.

Now as you have gathered plenty of knowledge go and enjoy your kitchen renovation and never forget to be bold with your design.