About Us

Hello visitors,
Welcome to Bird Nest Design. I was born to be an Interior Designer. From a very young age when I didn’t even know what is called designing a space, I took pleasure in arranging furniture and creating different looks of a space. The inspiration came from my civil engineer father who used to bring different building drawings at home and those drawings made me curious about construction. Later, that developed into a serious passion for Interior Designing. After pursuing a professional course in Interior Designing I worked for several renowned architects and designers for around five years.
In 2014, I started my firm Bird Nest Design, and since then I together with my team have designed aesthetically functioning spaces for our clients. We combine our expertise with each client’s unique personality to make a space that serves best to their lifestyles. In Bird Nest Design, we especially focus on innovative and creative interior design solutions for the challenges of small spaces in both residential homes and commercial workplaces. So, here we are to help you achieve a space that you can love & cherish every day no matter how small or big that space is.
Live your style.

Meet The Team

Som Adhikary

Project Head/ Artist

Debojyoti Roy

Design Assistant

Ivy Chakraborty

Project Manager

Amit Podder

Account Consultant

Sajal Saha

Head of Paint Dpt.

Shafik Mullick

Head Carpenter

Pradip Kr. Gain

Head of Elec. Dpt. –